Anger Management Testimonials

    I am happy to tell you that I have completed your Anger Management course. The course was informative, nicely structured, most effective, and a great value. That is my testimonial. But a better one comes from my wife Wendy, who a few days ago told me (unsolicited) that I am changing for the better due to the course!

    Tom Z.

    I really did enjoy taking the class. There was so much of it that was "dead on" accurate. There were times when I thought that whoever wrote it must have been secretly watching me for years. I learned a lot and can actually see all the things I was doing that were creating my own problems. It has helped me tremendously and it will continue to do so. Now I just need to continue to try to repair my marriage and other relationships.

    Willie H.

    Thank you so much! Your company is very helpful and responsive. Great customer service, which is nice in situations like this.

    Andrea B.

    Very informative. Not punitive but very helpful. I wish I had this a long time ago.

    David K.

    Your course was very good, I've learned much from it. I can see that this will be a continuous process that I will struggle with but I feel I now have some tools to help me.

    Mark R.

    Thank you for designing something that is not only cost effective, but is also amazingly helpful. I am a lucky man to still have the love of my life by my side through all of this. And it truly is because of this program that turned everything around. I was angry and didn't really know how angry until I started getting into the program and reading the stories, reading the definitions of an angry person, or anger addict. I didn't know there was such a thing until I saw it first hand. She recorded me on video and showed it to me after this program, I was amazed at just the little transformation that I had made from that argument. If an anger addict really wants to change, or maybe they don't know they have an anger problem, once they read the material inside of this program,it's like they will be placed in front of a mirror. The only thing that's in their way is themselves. If you want it, you got to look past the me that you see, and look to the person that you want to become. Look for the light, that ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.hat I saw when I looked past the mirror in front of me was the happiness of our family. That's the change I wanted. There is help out there for everyone, and you all have made it not only cost effective, but also easy! You can do it from the comfort of your own home. Who in the world wants to go into a room full of people and say they have an anger problem. Yes, it is embarrassing to have to say that in front of all those people. But it's humility, and the other way that this program teaches that, is by having you to admit it to yourself. "I am angry" I did, and I feel that I could move mountains. Again, I cannot thank you all enough for the second chance at a new life with my family. Had I not accidentally googled it, I wouldn't be the man that writes to you all now. I am so appreciative. Thank you all from myself and our family.

    Ryan W.

    I have referred a number of my clients to your online anger management course. I see people in my private practice who are recovering from alcohol or other drugs or are simply having anger control problems. I feel that the chance for my clients to work on their anger online, at an affordable price, at their own pace is a great benefit because your approved course offers my clients more than what I could provide during individual sessions (while addressing the presenting problems that are associated with their anger). This allows my clients to identify their anger as a problem on their own terms. As they identify with their own anger and recognize their behaviors in various scenarios presented in your online course, then we can get down to business and find out how they can make some positive changes in their life. Thanks for your monthly article in Recovery Today and for your online anger management course.

    Cyndie Ford Purdy, LMHC, SAP Inverness, Florida

    I never thought I needed any help with anger management, I'm not an angry guy. Only a few blowups in my entire life, but they were all dooseys. Wow, was I wrong! This course should be required for EVERYONE before they even finish high school. It explains what anger is, how it builds, and techniques to turn it off before something ugly happens. Please do yourself a favor and take this course. It will change your life. I promise.

    Dave M.

    The online anger management course is a great way to not just bust anger but create a new way to communicate and change the way we deal with life's problems and our emotional responses. I would highly recommend the programs even if you have not been requested to. It works and gives you the tools everyone should have to make life better not just personally but for everyone.

    Jereld H.

    I just completed the course and received my certificate. I want to say again how great this course is and how much it has changed me and my life!

    Dave K.

    Thank you again. I think that anger management seminar is a great tool in providing people with a way to release their anger into something positive. I commend you guys for doing a wonderful job with the program. I am working towards the last few chapters and I enjoyed it very much thanks again.

    Whitney H.

    I would like to let you know that this course was more beneficial to me than an in-class course I had taken a few years back. I even shared what I had learned with my father and my sisters.

    Meghan A.

    I took your course back in July and I must tell you I feel you've saved my life. I am a completely different man. Thank you.

    Bob F.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to get the book to keep a guide through all lifes little rough spots, this is an awesome way to keep me and those around me in check so I don't get drawn into that world of anger ever again.

    Deborah M.

    Thank you for what I consider to be the best on-line course available. A course that includes the wife participating can only enhance my healing. Thank you again for this opportunity to help myself.

    William B. Stony Creek, Virginia

    Thank you very much I really appreciated and love the course


    Thank-You. Great course.

    Kyle T.