Anger Management Classes FAQ

Q. Are these anger management classes accepted in my state?

Our Online Anger Management Classes are acceptable for use in every state by all courts in all jurisdictions. There is no state that requires a specific type of program for anger management training! The only time our clients ever have problems is when they raise the issue with their lawyer or their probation officer that this is an online course and forget to mention that the course is certified

Q. Will this course really help me?

This anger cclass will absolutely help you; it will change your life. However, if you are abusing drugs or alcohol (come on, you know it if you are), then we urge you to postpone working in this course and immediately start attending an AA program). Face your chemical addictions and deal with them first, and then come back and finish this course.

Q. This class caught my attention because it is so inexpensive. Is this legitimate?

Our anger programs have been developed by highly qualified professionals who have years of experience working with anger addicts and family violence issues and more importantly based on the experience of the US’s largest training and development firm. The material is based on cutting edge principles and behavior modification exercises that have been proven to be extremely effective in controlling anger. It is the real deal.

Q. Once I have finished the online course am I mailed my certificate of completion?

If you choose to have a certificate mailed to you this is an additional option you will select after you complete the course. It really isn't necessary but some folks want to have a more attractive suitable for framing certificate which is not required by any court or jurisdiction.
You will be instructed to download and print out your certificate from your computer.

Q. Are there any surprise fees for the completion certificate?

None what so ever. Your initial registration fee covers everything you need to complete the course and your digital certificate will be emailed to you immediately upon completion

Q. How can I pay for this course?

The registration process directs you to the PayPal website, where you will pay for the course using a major credit card or you can use Stripe to pay by credit card.

Q. The program keeps telling me I failed my test, but I have gone through it several times and I KNOW I am selecting the correct answers.

If you are selecting the correct answers, the program will give you a passing grade. However, you must be sure that your cursor or arrow is exactly on the circle for the correct answer when you click. Sometimes people get in a hurry to complete the test and they click close to the circle, but not close enough. Make sure that you slowly and carefully click exactly on each answer, and you will pass the test, IF you selected the correct answer to start with!

Q. I need help with my angry teen. Is this course suitable?

This course is probably not suitable for people under age 17. However, parents of angry teens usually need help with anger management, too. This course might be very helpful to you.

Q. My husband is verbally and physically abusive. Will this course help me to help him with his anger issues?

You can't help your husband if he is not willing to take the course and help himself. However, this course will help you with the anger issues you are dealing with as a result of living with your abusive spouse.

Q. I am not male, and while I do have trouble controlling my anger I am neither violent or in denial about it. Would this still be a reasonable program for me?

Yes it will. The first 12 lessons of the course are completely gender neutral. Although the second 12 lessons were initially written for angry men, the principles work equally well for women.